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Series 5.0

Start: 17.07.2023



9 live classes at 7am CET

every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Start: 17.07.2023

End: 04.08.2023

Recordings of EACH class

available until 31.08.2023

Language: English

Price: 129 Euro


Practice with me -

whenever and wherever you want

FLOW & GLOW Series 5.0

Do you want to


  • integrate a healthy yoga routine in your daily life?

  • practice whenever you'd like?

  • build up strength in your whole body?

  • increase your range of motion?

  • learn useful brain & breathe drills?

  • master more advanced yoga poses?

  • fall in love with your own beautiful body?


If you’ve nodded your head at least twice

– THIS series is for YOU!

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17.07.23 | Monday | Namaslay all day

Get out of your head and into your body. Move with strength and focus. Feel connected, on fire and alive!

19.07.23 | Wednesday | Holy Hips

Unlock your full potential with this hip flexibility class. Together we’ll make our way towards middle split and Tittibhasana. 

21.07.23 | Friday | Twist it out!

In this class we’ll increase flexibility in spine and hips by focusing on the joint rich areas in the body, so you are eventually able to do Grasshopper pose.

24.07.23 | Monday | (Over)Flow & Fly

A class designed to make you balance on your hands. Explore with me crow pose variations, creative sequences and funky transitions.

26.07.23 | Wednesday | Balance Baby!

Learn how your eyes can help you to balance better and enjoy a fun & challenging balance flow.

28.07.23 | Friday | Bendy Backbends

Open your heart and soften your shoulders. I’ll show you how to use your breath and brain drills to deepen your backbends.  (So transitions like camel to wheel won’t feel scary anymore!)

31.07.23 | Monday | Fierce & Funky

Are you ready to go upside down? Learn special drills and build strength for headstand and funky pincha pose.

02.08.23 | Wednesday | Yinyasa Flow

In this class we’ll start with a smooth vinyasa flow and transition into a slow and yummy yin practice. Get ready to relax!

04.08.23 | Friday | Rocket rocks!

Finish off strong! In this rocket inspired yoga class we’ll revisit poses of this course and bring them together in one challenging class.


Rebecca W., Germany

Nat, your flow & Glow series helped me a lot. I was finally able to move on a regular basis without having to rush to practice. I was able to step on my mat whenever I wanted and still be taught by you. What an amazing combination. I love your sessions so much! Thank you.

Marlene V., Austria

Hi Nathalie! I really enjoyed the Flow & Glow series. I already took part in two series and both were great. Even as a yoga beginner I was able to follow along the different classes. I really enjoyed the combination of sweaty yang yoga classes and soft & calming yin classes. Especially the Flow and Glow series 3.0 was challenging for me but with your helpful and supportive way of teaching I got better with each class. After the two series I can feel that my yoga practice has improved and I totally recommend the Flow & Glow Series to everybody who wants to challenge themselves. Thank you for the great time and all the effort you've put in! 

Amy H.,UK

Dear Nathalie, thank you very much for your wonderful course! I saw the description of it on vour profile and immediately had the feeling that I definitely want to do that! and then it was even better than expected. You have such a beautiful way of describing things and you deal with the challenges that I can have as your student so gently and carefully. I was so enthusiastic when you contacted me personally and accompanied me the whole time through this course with tips and exchanges. I'm more than ready for the next one. Thank you!

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