Series 3.0 - Start: 21.11.22




9 LIVE classes at 7 am CEST

every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Start: 21.11.2022

End: 09.12.2022

Recordings of EACH class

available until 08.01.2023

Price: 99 Euro


Practice with me -

whenever and wherever you want

FLOW & GLOW Series 3.0

Do you want to


  • integrate a healthy yoga routine in your daily life?

  • practice whenever you'd like?

  • build up strength in your whole body?

  • increase your range of motion?

  • progress your yoga practice?

  • master more advanced yoga poses?

  • fall in love with your own beautiful body?



If you’ve nodded your head at least twice

– THIS series is for YOU!

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21.11.22 | Monday | Happy Hips

In this class you'll work on Middle Split, Firefly Pose and Flying Warrior.

23.11.22 | Wednesday | Ashtanga

Together we will practice the Primary Series of Ashtanga - all levels are welcome.

25.11.22 | Friday | Inversions

In this class you will learn how to headstand, and spice up your

inversion practice.

28.11.22 | Monday | Arm Balances

Explore all variations of Crow Pose (Baby Crow / Side Crow /one legged Crow Pose) & Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1+2

30.11.22 | Wednesday | Full Splits

In this class we flow through creative sequences and make our way to split and super soldier.

02.12.22 | Friday | It's Yin o'clock

We move through a slow & smooth sequence and finish the week with a gentle yang I yin class so you are able to relax fully.

05.12.22 | Monday | Brain Drills

Let's kick off the week with a strong & dynamic class full of creative brain drills that help you to enhance your practice.

07.12.22 | Wednesday | Backbends

Learn and practice to be open. Open your body & mind for deeper backbends.

09.12.22 | Friday | Rocket Yoga

Finish off strong! Bring together all you've learned and move through invigorating & empowering Flows.