Which Styles of yoga do I teach?

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic yoga style in which movement and breathing combine to create a flowing experience. Learn the basics that everything starts with!

Level 1

In my classes you will learn the essential principles of Vinyasa Yoga for a safe, clear and flowing practice. I create classes, which are particularly suitable for beginners (for those who have never done yoga before), because yoga beginners in particular build strength in these lessons and learn to develop awareness for their breath.

Thanks to a wide repertoire of variants and modifications, the lessons are demanding for both beginners and more experienced yogis. These lessons are also interesting for experienced yogis who want to hone again on the basic techniques of their practice. In addition, we deal in detail with the elementary postures (asanas), which form the basis for more advanced classes (level 2).

Level 2

These classes are for yogis who have an advanced practice and want to push their limits. We deal with intermediate asanas, such as arm balances, bound positions and inversions, which I integrate into flowing and varied movement sequences (flows). The focus is on stamina and flexibility. Come and take on the challenge of growing beyond yourself!

Power Vinyasa Yoga

Come and experience a completely new style of yoga! In these classes I combine the demanding components of Power Yoga with strengthening exercises from Pilates. Enjoy a invigorating and dynamic Vinyasa Flow. Accept the challenge and push your physical and mental limits with me.

At the end of each class, a restful stretching and relaxation part awaits you, which will let you go home completely relaxed.

As always, everyone is welcome! Whether you are a total newbie, an old yoga soul or someone who's looking for a challenge!

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One-on-one Classes

One-on-One yoga classes are all about you and your practice. In a personal conversation - you and I'll define everything that is important to YOU. Of course, I adapt the duration to your current form of the day. Together we will discuss priorities and special concerns. In these classes, my focus is solely on the clear and correct alignment of YOUR practice.

Level up your practice and let's have a call & talk about your goals!