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Get ready to rock your yoga business and smash your goals!




Yoga teacher, tell me... is this you?

▶  Instagram is absolutely no fun and if you could you would delete it?

▶  Creating a reel is the last thing you want to do with your life?

▶  Everyone is talking about "find your niche" and you have no idea what they mean?

▶  Your canva flyer is beautiful, but no one reacts on it?

▶  You've planned beautiful retreats but they won't sell out?

▶  You have the feeling there are too many yoga teachers already out there?

▶  You love yoga, but don't earn enough money with it to teach full time?


Then you came to the right place.


I am here to help you rock your yoga business!

With more than 10 years of experience in the Marketing Business, and 8 years as a yoga teacher, I can give you all the tools, techniques and there is to know about running and growing a business in the wellness branch. I believe that you can achieve anything you like, as long as you keep going. So let's go!

2 months duration
6 personalized calls á 60 minutes
Insta profile check & analysis

2 months free access to Online yoga studio "Embodied Space" included

Investment: 700 €



3 months duration
8 personalized calls á 60 minutes

+ 1 intensive Bootcamp Workshop á 2,5 hours

+ Whatsapp Support
Insta profile check & analysis

3 months free access to Online yoga studio"Embodied Space" included

Investment: 1200 €


In both Mentorship programs we will cover

you'll feel motivated and energized in your biz

every session is tailored

to your schedule

I am by your side

all the way

you'll learn to implement

ideas that'll work


I want to rock my Yoga Business!

Thank you for your trust!

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