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1:1 Yoga Coaching

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A yoga class made for you. To serve your body. And give you exactly what you need.

Not only do I teach groups in yoga studios, I am also specialized in teaching private yoga classes in Salzburg and online.


I love to support and assist you with personal adjustments, which you can particularly enjoy in a one-to-one session. A private class differs from a group class in several ways: Before each class, we talk about what you want from your yoga practice in general, but also specifically for that day.


  • All poses, assists and variants are specially adapted to your body

  • You can experience positive change much faster than is possible in a group session

  • Even if you are currently hardly moving or have health restrictions: I can help you to make yoga a part of your life so that you can also practice alone at home.

  • If you are already doing sports professionally or enjoy sports as a hobby, I would be happy to support you in your work towards a specific goal. We can also include special exercises that ideally complement your training.

  • We can meet on a day and time that suits you best. At your home, in your office or wherever you want (of course I can also book a room at a studio, depending on the availability).

85 EURO in Person
65 EURO online

60 min private class.

100 EURO in Person
80 EURO online

75 min private class.

115 EURO in Person
95 EURO online

90 min private class.

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